Film and Video Transfers
Film and Video Transfers Ltd. has grown from an increasing demand for economical and high quality transfer service
We transfer a variety of film and videotape formats to DVD for both viewing and distribution. Our aim is always to get you the best from your film or tape.
Film and videotape require careful handling, especially as they get older. Our many years experience and close associations with film archiving and preservation specialists mean we understand how best to deal with the problems that older film present.
        16mm                    9.5mm         Std. 8mm     Super 8
Common Film Gauges
Corporate or Personal
Many companies and individuals have historical archives of film and videotape in various formats that languish in storage, lofts and cupboards.  This material cannot be viewed easily and any projection or viewing equipment has long since ceased being operational. In addition to this film has often deteriorated due to poor storage and any attempt to run it may permanently damage it.
Easy Viewing and Distribution
We specialise in transferring old film and videotapes to DVD so clients may view and distribute their historical material. Many times we have to repair joins, clean film and correct basic colour bias. We have various techniques for handling damaged film and can assemble, insert titles or logos and digitally process poor quality sound tracks.
Film Formats both B&W and Colour
35mm silent - various formats
35mm comopt (optical sound)
35mm comag (magnetic stripe)
35mm sepmag (separate magnetic sound)
* All 35mm transfers are contracted out to he appropriate specialist companies.
16mm silent, often double perorated as pictured - speeds 16 fps or 24 fps (25fps for TV)
16mm comopt (combined optical sound track) usually a finished programme
16mm comag (combined magnetic track)
16mm sepmag (silent film with separate synchronised magnetic track)
9.5mm silent usually 16 fps
9.5mm comopt (usually commercial release prints)
Standard 8mm silent usually 16 fps occasionally 24 fps
Standard 8mm sound (sound added after shooting)
Super 8mm silent 18 fps
Super 8mm sound (magnetic stripe) mono or stereo 18 or 24 fps
Videotape Cassette Formats
Video 8
Hi 8
Mini DV
Philips V2000
Betacam SP
U-matic Lo Band
U-matic Hi Band
U-matic Hi Band SP
Broadcast and non broadcast formats can usually be accommodated by special arrangements.
Output formats
Output is usually to DVD or videotape such as miniDV
On request we will supply all material on an external hard drive unit so it may be edited by the client. This saves encoding and decoding DVD/MPEG files.
Film Transfer Method
We use modified, speed controlled projectors, a special intermediate screen and a broadcast grade camera which is carefully controlled and colour balanced during the transfer process. The projection speed is 16 2/3 fps or 25 fps to achieve flicker free images. If a sound track is involved we will electronically “stretch” or “shrink” to the correct speed.  The video signal is then digitised and captured on a Mac based computer system. The films are compiled, titled if required, chaptered and rendered onto DVD. DVD labels and box covers can be designed and supplied if required.
Each job is different and we usually need to evaluate the material before giving you an accurate quotation. Please see our Contact Us page for information.
Audio Transfers
We offer an audio transfer service especially suited to transfer of archive recordings.  This enables old tapes and discs to be transferred to CD or other digital media/formats. We have found that many societies and institutions have such recordings in their archives and no longer have the equipment to play them.  Many recordings from the 1950’s are on tape that is now degraded and may soon become unplayable. We understand even recordings made in the 1980s are now suffering problems. With appropriate treatment and digital technology it is often possible to correct some of the problems and produce tracks that are usable.
Recorded media formats
Wax cylinders (Eddison phonograph)
Discs various sizes, formats and speeds
1/4” tape speeds 15/16ths to 15 ips, full track, half track, 1/4 track
Audio compact cassette - various formats and speeds
Mini Disc
Other or unusual formats can usually be catered for - please talk to us.
Photographs, Slides, Transparencies and Negatives
We offer high quality digital scans of Photographs, Slides, Transparencies and Negatives.
Talk to us and discuss your projects.