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Film Formats: Standard 8, Super 8, 9.5 mm, 16mm, 35mm
Sound type: Mute (no sound), magnetic stripe, optical sound
Number of reels of each size (see film size guide page)
Size of reels (in feet) Often stamped on the actual reels boxes or cartons.
Assembly order - the order the films should be in for the final DVD (if possible).
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Any sound track information.
Any chaptering information (if none provided we usually chapter every 5 mins or new reel).
Material return - special instructions as to how we are to return your material.
Additional copies of the DVD’s (over the 2 normally supplied.
We also transfer various video formats to DVD.
We are happy to receive material and quote you for transfer on the understanding that we charge for return post and packing. It is usually wise to let us know material is being shipped to ensure we track it.
Information required to give you an accurate quotation before sending material.
We have kept this as an email rather than a form so you can add information as required and have a record of your request. Click on link above and if you wish, highlight the content of the box and paste it in the email then add your information.